How it works

You give us the details, we'll give you THE paper.

Unlike other essay writing companies out there, Key Essay is truly unique. We employ only the most talented writers who combined have over 100 years of essay writing experience. We use a no-frills approach to save you time and hard earned money. We were all college students at one point too and we know how tight cash can be. That's why we designed Key Essay with the student in mind.

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Why choose us

Key Essay rocks, that's why.

Why does Key Essay rock? Simple. We employ some of the best writers in the United States with years of experience writing essays, research papers, and term papers. Our writers are all college educated with either bachelors or masters degrees within your field of study. 

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Mission & Vision

quality, excellence, competitive pricing.

It is important for every successful company to have an up-to-date mission and vision statement in order to keep all staff members focused on the big picture. To show you that we're serious about our commitment to this business and to you as our customer, we have published our mission and vision statements online for the world to see.

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A Little About Us

  • The Best Team

    Key Essay employs a staff of top-notch writers who are up to the task of writing whatever comes their way. 

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  • Great Writing

    Can't get that essay started because you have writer's block? That's alright, our writers have you covered and can write you an incredible paper.

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  • Low Prices

    Our prices are fair and reasonable. Rest assured that you'll be getting qualiity work for the money you spend. 

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  • Awesome Support

    Questions, comments or concerns? Our support staff will be able to answer your questions and make things right for you if they go wrong. 

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Latest Blogs

  • 21-11-2014
    The Essence of Non-paying Internships

    Internships are meant to provide students with working experience so as to prepare them for post-graduation life. The misconception amongst most students is that internships are meant to be another source of income like all other forms of employment, which is sadly not true. 

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  • 20-11-2014
    Scrapping off the bridge between Private and State colleges

    A wide socio-cultural gap exists between state and private colleges. This is mainly attributable to the difference in social classes between these two. Students from private colleges rarely find themselves associating with those from state colleges. 

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